0c72544Dimitrios Karapiperis is a PhD candidate with the Hellenic Open University, School of Science and Technology. He received his MSc degree in "SoftwareEngineering" from the University of York, UK in 2002, where his studies were funded by the State Scholarships Foundation of Greece. He holds a BSc degree from the  Τechnological Educational Insitute of Thessaloniki, Greece (1999). From 2003 until 2006, he worked at Metropolis Informatics SA, as a software engineer developing the basic reusable software infrastructure of the company, using Java. In 2006, he was appointed at the Municipality of Thessaloniki (Local Governement Agency).  In 2010, ha was tranferred to the Muncipality of Thermi.

His research interests lie primarily in the area of Privacy-Preserving Record Linkage where he focuses on developing similarity algorithms, data structures, approximation schemes and scalable solutions that rely on various randomization schemes. More specifically, he deals with various methods such as Locality-Sensitive Hashing-based efficient searching techniques, secure matching on Bloom filter-based encoded data and distributed/scalable solutions using the Map/Reduce paradigm etc.

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