My main research interests are in artificial intelligence at large,especially soin machine learning. My projects have dealt with decision trees, genetic algorithms, neural networks and reinforcement learning, quite often combining those techniques. Applied research with these techniques has also dealt with the development of educational intelligence as well as strategy games. I am also especially keen in investigating how research results can be translated into meaningful learning material and I also enjoy experimenting with software infrastructures for networked communities.
I have been also involved in most of the efforts to pilot-test collaborative technologies and then deploy them at a large scale (such as virtual classrooms and portals) at theHellenic Open University,where I now serve asAssistant Professor inArtificial Intelligence. Other interesting current or recent occupations involve being (or having been):
Quite some time ago, I also worked as a technical director for a software company and as an R&D engineer for a research institute.

I love programming.
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