Social Events, Game Playing Multi Agent Systems and Grid Infrastructures.

The objective of this research is to study agent socialization in large scale social events, in the form of game playing Multi Agent Systems (MAS).

For our initial work on the subject of MAS socialization we implemented a gaming tournament, with players using reinforcement learning for playing and learning, and the key results.

There  is  evidence  that  a  socially  trained  agent  performs better against self-trained agents. A  display  of  interesting performance  by  minimax-based (tutor)  players is presented. Also,  the   quality  of  the non tutored  social-agent against  the self-trained agent,  supports our  claim  that  richer  social  interaction  creates  a  stronger playing behavior.

  • C. Kiourt, D. Kalles, “Social Reinforcement Learning in Game Playing.”, IEEE International Conference on Tools with Artificial Intelligence (ICTAI 2012), Athens, pp 322-326, Nov. 7-9, Greece, 2012. (Full Paper)

To study the above social events in more detail we developed a novel Multi-Agent-Based Social Simulation (MABS) platform which features dynamic handling of game objects at runtime. Visual tools for monitoring and interactions on social events are presented within a dynamic layered structure for flexibility and adaptability to accommodate new or external tools for subsequent development.

  • C. Kiourt, D. Kalles, “Building A Social Multi-Agent System Simulation Management Toolbox.”,6th Balkan Conference in Informatics (BCI 2013), Thessaloniki , pp 66-70, Sep. 19-21, Greece, 2013. (Full Paper)

Following that, we introduced a novel architecture for implementing the above platform on Grid infrastructures for creating dynamic large scale game playing MAS experiments with unlimited number of agents, by implementing a communication protocol between the layers of the Grid Infrastructures.

  • C. Kiourt, D. Kalles, Development of Grid-Based Multi Agent Systems for Social Learning. IEEE International Conference on Information Intelligence, Systems and Applications (IISA 2015), Corfu, Greece; 07/2015 (Full Paper)

Soon we will present the segmentation of large scale distributed MAS for better utilization of Grid Infrastructures. Coming !!!

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